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Preparing your Home for Sale

For a fast, successful home sale, sellers need to make sure their home is looking its best. Below are some of the Scott J. Miller Team’s tried and tested ways to prepare your home for sale. These methods will transform your home and have it in perfect sale-ready condition.

Staging your Home

 Keep your home’s décor neutral and warm and welcoming at the same time. Stick to more contemporary designs that are subtle and understated. Paint the walls in more low-key colors like tan, beige, grays, and light blue. Rent out furniture if you think your own isn’t up to par.

If you truly want to make your home stand out and highlight its best features, hire a professional home stager. They’ll be able to present your home in the best light. The Scott J. Miller Team has a network of design professionals they can connect you with for the best home staging results.

Get the Prep Work Done

  • Improve Curb Appeal – Your home’s exterior is the first thing buyers see. The Scott J. Miller Team will help make this first impression count by ensuring that your property’s exteriors and landscaping are appealing and welcoming.Go the extra mile and have your property landscaped by a professional. If you have a lawn, make sure it’s in pristine condition and that it complements the surrounding environment. For a Southern California beachfront property, for example, native plants help set the right tropical feel and are low-maintenance to boot.
  • Clean the House Thoroughly – The house needs to shine like new before potential buyers are shown around. Hire a professional cleaning crew to make sure everything is spick-and-span. Pay extra close attention to kitchens and bathrooms because they’re usually the main selling point of any property.
  • Depersonalize and Declutter – Depersonalize the home by removing personal belongings such as photographs, family heirlooms, statement art pieces, sports memorabilia, and the like. This helps make space feel more neutral and makes it easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the property.Get rid of items like magazines, books, knickknacks, and other decorative pieces that distract from the home itself. Removing clutter also has the added advantage of making a room look and feel more spacious.
  • Organize Storage Spaces – Ensure that all the storage spaces are cleaned and organized to make your home feel more put-together. It also gives buyers the impression that the home is well taken care of.

Repairs and Upgrades

Making repairs and upgrades before listing your home is always a smart idea. Fixes done now means fewer issues come inspection time. And even small changes like updating fixtures such as lighting, cabinet handles, doorknobs, and so on will alreadyenhancethe home’soverall look.

For those who want to make more significant upgrades, always consider the return of investment oneach project. The Scott J. Miller Team is here to give youadvice on the best ways to prepare yourproperty for sale. They will help you determine which renovation projects will getoptimal results.